The n.e.t.z. (Netzwerk der Jugendtreffs und -zentren Südtirols) is a regional network and umbrella organization of youth clubs (aproximately 50 member organizations) in South Tyrol promoting informal education and bringing needs and concerns of the youth to a wider public debate (regional/national/international). The president of the n.e.t.z. is Wolfram Nothdurfter, the managing director is Hanno Raifer.

The aim of n.e.t.z. is to empower youth and youth workers. Provides member organizations, new founders of youth clubs, promoting-comities and youth workers as well as volunteers with the necessary information and know-how on a regional, national and international level (f.e. pedagogical, legal, financial and administrative advice; holding and organizing conferences, meetings and workshops; coachings, change management, quality development, ecc.). Promotes networking for open youth work on regional, national and international levels.

Open Youth work is run by private institutions. The job is done by full-time employees, by volunteers and voluntary work.

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