The Youth Club is a place for young people to meet during their leisure time. The youngsters come together to talk, play, and communicate, with their peers and beyond.

A youth club is lead by the youth workers. These are pedagogically skilled men and women who are here for you and your matters or wishes. Boys will find a man as their contact person and girls find a woman to talk to. Together with the youngsters the youth workers organize several activities. They also explain the rules of the youth club to their guests and take care for these rules to be respected. Like that, everybody can feel as good as possible in the Youth Club.
The Youth Worker also the youngsters contact persons if support or assistance is needed in case of questions or problems, for example in school.

The entrance to the youth club is for free. Only for some special events or activities, a entrance or participation fee is asked: for journeys, festivals, workshops, and so on. Everyone aged between 12 and 24 is welcome in the youth club (the age can vary). It’s a place for youngsters to come in contact with many peers and to win a lot of new friends. Moreover, youngsters can learn about the cultures and the languages of South Tyrol in an easy and joyful way.

What happens in the Youth Club also depends on the youngsters interests: youngsters are invited to make proposals on what could be done. Or even better, youngsters may want to organize an event in the Youth Club. Eventually youngsters might share some information about there own culture during a cultural-evening, they could organize a celebration on a special feast day or could suggest subjects for workshops and courses, just to name a few. The youth club works best if seen as a common/shared project! Therefore youngsters a very welcome to engage themself and take the responsibility to participate in any constructive way, using the place as a chance for them!

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